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If I would like to buy a watch, what are my payment options?

We accept both bank transfer and online payment (e.g. Visa, Master, American Express). We do not accept cash payment.

Will I have to pay in advance?

If you buy a watch from us, either through our website or over the phone, it must be paid for in full before we can ship it to you.

If we have stock of the product in our offices in Madrid, you must make a transfer of the full amount or make the payment online through the available channels. Once the amount is received, we will proceed to package and ship the product.

If we do not have stock of the product in Madrid, that is, it comes from another office, a minimum payment of 20% is required in advance, to be able to bring it to you. If you wish to order a particular watch with us, a minimum payment of 20% in advance will also be required.

Are the watches being sold authentic?

Yes, all the watches we sell are 100% authentic. We work with official stores and suppliers around the world to offer original and totally new products. In addition, all the watches we sell come with their original box, with their instruction manual and the manufacturer's warranty.

Is it possible to make an exchange?

Yes, as long as it is new and unused. Contact us by sending information about your watch and the model you wish to purchase. We will reply with a non-binding proposal.

Can I sell my watch to you?

Yes. In the "Sell your watch" section you can find a form to sell us your watch.

We will reply to you as soon as possible.

It has to be new and unused.

Are shipping costs included?

We ship with the transport company DHL express.

National shipping costs throughout Spain are €20

Shipping costs within the European Union are €60

International shipping costs depend on the watch.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact.

How do I find out the availability of a watch?

The availability of each item is listed on the product page. However, if you are not sure about that, you could also contact us by email, WhatsApp or phone and we will get back to you once the notification is received.

You can also find a contact form in the "Contact" section.

I want to buy a watch that does not appear on your page, could you get one?

If we can. Simply ask us about the model, with its reference number and color, and we will take care of giving you an answer. Normally, to order a watch it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to bring it.

We work with suppliers from all over the world, we can always find the model that you like the most.

Before buying I would like to see the watch, do you have any store?

We do not have an establishment yet, but it is already in process. Very soon we will open our store in Madrid, Spain.

Once we have the store ready, we will let you know by email.

How long is my watch warranty?

The conditions of the international guarantee may vary depending on the countries, please check with the official stores for more information.

Will I receive an invoice after my purchase?

Yes, you will receive an invoice from EW Watches S.L. We will ask you for information to issue the invoice once you make the purchase.

We never deliver the original invoice of the product!

Can I return a watch?

For your peace of mind, we offer a 14-day return period for watches purchased from us that show a manufacturing defect or a faulty movement. The watch must be returned in exactly the same condition and with the same accessories and documentation/warranty cards as when you received it. You can return your watch by sending it to us or in person at our offices in Madrid. We do not accept returns after 14 days of purchase.

We realize that you will need to try on the watch, but we ask that when trying it on, you take great care not to mark the watch or its strap. If you return a watch to us and it is damaged or scratched, we will charge you a penalty.

How long would it take for my watch to arrive?

Once it leaves our offices in Madrid, it usually takes one business day, that is, you would receive it the next day.

If it is an order that is in another office or it is a commissioned order, you will have to ask our assistants about dates. But it usually takes 2-3 weeks, as certain procedures need to be done before shipping.

Mention that all orders from other offices must first go through our Madrid offices to verify their status and be able to pack and send them to the end customer.

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